Burning Demons

His hand trembled, the blade hovering inches away from his wrist.

‘New city, new oppurtunities!’ they had said.
Yet here he sat a year later, helpless as ever.
No job, no prospects, no home to run to
And a mammoth pile of debts.

Had he not been tested enough?
Were the Divine Forces still not appeased?
Maybe there was no God, He decided.
A quick slash and He would be free.
From this meaningless existance.

‘Why is it so dark in here?’
Said his annoying room-mate, barging in.
His timing impeccable as ever.

‘Why don’t you ever pick up your phone?
They had called. There are two vacancies in the firm and guess what?

Happily, he pulled apart the heavy curtains,
The bright sunlight burning away his dazed friend’s Demons.

Grinning, the Annoying Roomie turned and said

‘Party bro, Party!’


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