21st February, 2009

She was infintely annoying.

I was sitting at the bus stop,  waiting for the the blessed 217B to arrive, while rocking it out to Metallica which boomed in my headphones.

Ah, the joys of being 20 and distinctively male. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

She walked in and towards the neighbouring seat, much to my mild delight. I pretended to not notice her elvine grace and dark curls..

When her jhola bag swung and decided that my face needed some bone-jarring love.
Stars swam around my head, but She did not even look back.

And here I was thinking that an attempt to squash my fine chiseled features to a stub, required a sorry.

The girl was obviously in a hurry. She kept fidgeting with her ring, which had a curious little star on it. A bundle of trapped energy, I tell you. A bundle who left injured, disfigured men in her wake.

And then the Foot tapping started.

I must have been staring at her kolhapuri-clad feet really hard, because she glared back angrily enough to make me cry like a baby. My pained expression brought nothing but grief in the form of more vehement foot tapping. And I wondered how fast could she possibly  go?

She must’ve taken it as a personal challenge, because her foot soon became a blur. She had a point to prove.  Clearly, Hell hath no fury as this woman.

Luckily the bus chose to arrive precisely then and I fled.

Away from the Terrifying Tap-Tapper.


23rd December, 2015

I roamed around the maze-like departmental store, pushing a shopping cart. One bar of soap left unchecked on my shopping list. Fairy Glow? Dear god NOO.

‘I saw this fall out of your bag. This must be yours.’ said a voice to my right.

I turned to see a beautiful woman  with the most incredible smile. She held out a box of chocolate muffins.

‘Ah thank you! My guilty pleasures.’ said I, smiling sheepishly.

‘Ha! You should see MY fridge!’, she laughed quietly, glidinging past without so much as a backward glance.

A few blocks ahead, I saw her ebony hair tumble over her shoulder as she reached up to pull out a shampoo. Golden sunlight fell on her fingers and something glinted brightly. I knew what smiled at me, like an old friend.

A star.

I wheeled my cart around.

A lunch date with Andromeda was long overdue.


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