Not Santa

‘Dadu, what do you want from Santa tomorrow?’

The little boy clambered up and tumbled into His lap.

Putting away the newspaper, Dadu smiled and said,

‘Santa brings gifts for children, beta. I am too old!’

His Grandson paused for a moment,

A million thoughts racing through his dark, innocent eyes.

Then, with a decisive toss of his head, he solemnly said.

‘You’re never too old for Santa.’


Later that night, while the whole household was abed,

Dadu tiptoed upstairs and peeped into the child’s bedroom.

He was fast asleep, a slender arm thrown over his favourite teddy.

Tucking in a silver-wrapped package at the feet of the Little Believer,

He climbed on,

Till he reached the roof.


Bells jingled. Reindeer huffed impatiently.

Balancing a humongous pile of gifts, the green-capped Elf asked,

‘Where to, Mr.Claus?’

Dadu peered happily through his glasses,

Crossing off the first name on his list.

‘Let’s start with the A’s.’


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