The Explorer unrolled the Parchment,

Glowing in the soft lamp-light.

On his table it lay, holding the magic of centuries.

As if it’d waited for Tonight.


A  Secret Map.

One  that spoke in riddles, of mysteries unfurled

Drawing curves and lines that

Arched far and wide across the World.


At the bottom it declared,

‘Seek and ye shall find.’

A promise of dazzling White-Gold,

Of course, the Explorer did not mind.


For years, He travelled beyond the Lands

And dived carelessly,  into many a Sea.

But the glimmering metal remained ever elusive,

Where could his White-Gold possibly be?


Decades Later,

His age had finally caught up with him.

No longer could he disappear into thin air

With a wink or on a whim.


Life had been full, Life had been kind,

For he had lived in glory,

Bringing home treasures,

That no one else could find.


Yet that eve he sat nursing a heart,

A heart that ached for White-Gold.


The setting sun threw his reflection,

On the darkened window glass.

The Explorer looked at it and smiled,

For he had found his prize, at last.


A lifetime of not Riches, but of Wisdom and Adventure

His legends would be told,

He touched his hair, now shining silver

and said,

‘I’ve found it, my White-Gold.’



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