The phone landed with a ‘plomp’ at the foot of her bed.

‘Of course, there are 0 messages! It’s 3 AM, you idiot.’ She told herself, burying her head deep inside the warm blanket.

Yet, sleep refused to come and the infernal phone refused to buzz. Was there honestly not a SINGLE person on the planet, who wanted to talk to her, text her? It was a conspiracy, she was sure.

‘Well, someone’s still awake.’ A soft voice floated into the room, laced with laughter. ‘Coffee?’

She grunted in answer, in no mood to actually talk. It was sheer good luck that her Sister made the best coffee in the world. Else there would have been some door banging and pillow fighting, you know the murderous kind.

‘Okay, I’ll get the coffee and you turn that frown around. I want to hear all about that cute guy you’ve been dating.’

‘WHICH cute guy? I’m not dating anyone.’

‘No?’ The older sister paused at the door, hand on her hips. ‘Well, then we’ll talk about the lack of cute guys in your life.’ Then she added, mischeivously.
‘Why aren’t you dating? Is something wrong with you kya?’

Clearly, a late night battle was in order.


‘I beg to differ.’

A pillow flew across the room, targeting a sibling who had fled out of harm’s way.

‘Oh god. Will you just get the coffee?’

‘Don’t worry.’ said the beverage-maker, among the tinkle of spoons and cups. ‘I’ll set you up with a friend of mine. He is recently single.’


‘Yeah, of course. The only catch is that he is sixty and a little blind and.. ‘

‘DIDI!’ cried the younger one indignantly, collapsing with laughter.

Didi giggled, mixing an extra spoonful of sugar with hot milk.
A cup full of laughter for the lonely little sister.

The Queen of Cocoa worked in mysterious ways.



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